Questions to ask all vendors before choosing a management system

At HawkSoft, we believe in transparency and encourage you to ask the following questions of any vendor you are considering. Our answers speak to why we are unique.

1. Are there contracts with termination fees?

HawkSoft does not require long-term contracts. You always own your data and we do not hold your data hostage to termination fees if you ever decide to leave.

2. What is the total cost of ownership? (This is different than price.)

HawkSoft’s pricing is honest and transparent. There are no introductory price gimmicks or surprise add-ons that make your total cost of ownership more than the price you were originally sold.

3. Is the company privately owned or partnered with a private-equity firm?

HawkSoft is privately-owned by the same group that founded it in 1995. HawkSoft is accountable to two types of stakeholders – employees and customers. Agents drive our development, not outside investors.

4. How enthusiastic are existing customers about the system?

Our partnership philosophy and core values drive our exceptional customer experience.



18 year

Average retention


Above average
Net Promoter Score

5. How quickly can I get phone support when I need help?

Our insurance savvy product support team is the cornerstone of our business. In addition to our responsive live and chat support, you have access to our comprehensive HELP system of training guides and videos.

2 min

response time





41 min

call length

6. Is there an open API that allows Partner integrations?

HawkSoft recognizes that certain functions outside of the agency management system are better fulfilled by 3rd party experts, which is why having a Partner API is a central piece of our platform. HawkSoft integrates with vetted partners we know will be a good fit for our system and add value to our agencies.

7. Can they import Nationwide download files (eDocs or CSV files)?

HawkSoft has spent years fine-tuning our data conversions from other systems and today we can import more data than any other vendor. HawkSoft's database management team has the ability to import Nationwide’s old log notes and phone and email addresses.