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HawkSoft is a proud affliate partner with FloridaHomeInsurers.com (“FHI”). FHI brings together independent agencies under a digital marketing co-op to generate and distribute unique web leads. This allows agencies to pool resources to execute a digital search optimization and digital marketing strategy instead of going at it alone. Independent agencies can compete with direct writers that have entire departments to optimize websites, create content, and rank high on search engine results.


More Information

In December 2016, HawkSoft sponsored a webinar with Lee Rogers and Carl Moulton of FHI. Attendees received a thorough explanation of how digital marketing co-ops work, how they benefit their members, and how FHI will operate in Florida. HawkSoft supports FHI’s vision, so we decided to make the information from that webinar public on this page. The following section summarizes the webinar with an abridged version of the presentation.

Why has HawkSoft partnered with FHI to promote co-ops?

FHI and HawkSoft have a strong overlap of core values. We both want to push the independent agent channel forward. We believe that FHI has found a novel way to do this through their digital marketing co-op.

What is a digital marketing co-op? How do they work?

Digital marketing co-ops (“DMCO”) pool the financial and intellectual strength of its members and affiliates to create exclusive leads delivered into the technology of choice for each co-op member. An individual joins the co-op, pays a membership fee that supports the organization, and in return is provided exclusive leads for their territory. The DMCO optimizes its web presence to rank high on search engines and in search engine advertisements. This allows co-op members to compete with larger organizations that have more resources for digital marketing.

How does the FHI co-op work?

FloridaHomeInsurers.com is a DMCO for independent agents in Florida. FHI is administered by Lee Rogers and Carl Moulton (independent agents with over 60 years combined experience in the industry), powered by the 1Lead1Buyer.com exclusive lead engine, and optimized for search ranking by Bluehost.com.

FHI co-op members claim zip codes on a first-come, first-served basis. When a lead is gathered through FHI or an affiliated lead form for a claimed zip code, the co-op member holding rights to that zip code is given the exclusive lead.

FHI pools the resources of all co-op members to optimize their web presence for key search terms related to personal and commercial insurance in Florida. One single agency is unlikely to have the resources available to optimize their website, outbid competitors for search advertisements, or capture exclusive leads for their territory. Together, however, a co-op does.

How will FHI’s co-op benefit independent agents?

It is not hard to find examples of venture-funded direct writers trying to disrupt the independent agent market. These companies leverage an army of digital marketing personnel to dominate online searches for insurance because they have the capital to do so. FHI’s co-op members will benefit independent agents by giving them an avenue to easily engage in the same practices as direct writers with deep pockets. FHI handles SEO (“search engine optimization”) and ensures the mechanisms are in place to funnel exclusive leads to co-op members. All of the benefits of a big marketing department at a fraction of the cost.

Webinar Presentation

This presentation has been consolidated to provide the necessary information in an concise package. Please see FloridaHomeInsurers.com for full details on the service and how it works.

This presentation includes Speaker Notes. Click on the Gear icon to access them.