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ACORD Forms help agents increase efficiencies

Agents have access to a comprehensive and up-to-date library of ACORD Forms from within HawkSoft. All versions of P&C forms are included. HawkSoft automatically fills ACORD Forms with client and policy information.

ACORD Forms have helped standardize the exchange of information between insurance partners. Agencies that use ACORD Forms gain increased efficiencies, accuracy, speed of processing information, and a reduction in E&O liability. This also means that your clients benefit by getting faster, error-free service.

HawkSoft’s Certificate Wizard

HawkSoft intelligently uses a wizard that helps agents quickly fill out Certificate of Liability Insurance Forms (ACORD 25). Agents can easily create and modify certificates and certificate holders by following a set of guided steps.

  • Create masters and easily copy to create additional certificates
  • Attach additional documents
  • Electronically sign and distribute certificates by email

Comprehensive library of the latest versions of ACORD Forms

HawkSoft offers one of the most comprehensive libraries of ACORD Forms. Our system automatically pre-fills coverage and policyholder information into the forms, saving you time from manual entry and preventing data-entry mistakes.

HawkSoft maintains and updates the ACORD Form library regularly to ensure you have access to the most current version of each form, plus two prior versions. We also maintain access to legacy versions of the forms. Although HawkSoft pays a fee to keep the ACORD Form library current, the full library is included at no cost to our agencies.

We offer over 230 ACORD Forms - virtually the entire library of ACORD Forms. Here’s a sample of what our library contains:

  • 24 – Certificate of Property
  • 25 – Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • 27 – Evidence of Property Insurance
  • 28 – Evidence of Commercial Property
  • 75 – Binder
  • 80 – Homeowner Application
  • 90 – Personal Auto Application
  • 125 – Commercial Insurance Application
  • 126 – Commercial General Liability Section
  • 127 – Business Auto Section
  • 130 – Workers Compensation Application
  • 131 – Umbrella / Excess Section
  • 137 – Commercial Auto

Why agents love HawkSoft’s ACORD Forms

  • Access to all current versions of P&C ACORD Forms and most other standard ACORD Forms
  • Search for forms in just a few clicks
  • Manual entries and notes made by you are never overwritten since download data does not automatically update the ACORD Form
  • Create custom categories for forms that your agency uses most often