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A unique approach to documentation that helps reduce your E&O exposure.

Our proprietary and unique Action Menu automatically builds a documentation trail of every client interaction with your agency. Any staff member can pick up where the last left off by reviewing the auto-generated history and detailed notes. Thorough recordkeeping also reduces your agency's E&O exposure and streamlines operations.

  • Automatically build a documentation trail for every client interaction
  • Generate reports on activity by client, CSR, or producer
  • Reduce your agency’s E&O exposure
  • Create shortcut keys for commonly used actions and workflows

Documentation Challenge

Ask your staff: is documentation another "to do item" after each phone call or email?

Your management system should automatically build the history of your interactions with policyholders. If documentation is a separate task that your staff needs to engage, your agency likely has incomplete documentation. There's never enough time to document, and your staff has other clients that need immediate attention.

Annotating, log entries, and documentation in HawkSoft is way ahead of the competition.

Bob BethelBethel Insurance Services, CA

Automatically Builds Your History