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Automatic downloads keep policy and client details in sync with carriers

Carrier downloads allow agents to be trusted partners for their clients by ensuring agencies always have the latest policyholder data.

  • Increase profitability by eliminating hours of manual data entry
  • Optimize staff efficiencies with download rules
  • Build better relationships by having access to current information from the carrier even before the client receives it

Carrier Downloads List

Our staff is able to service our customers faster and more accurately. Carrier downloads are crucial to efficient management of your agency.

Jamie TrovatoCEO - Trovato Insurance

Key Advantages of HawkSoft’s Carrier Downloads

HawkSoft downloads with over 475 carriers

Automatically download policy information across a wide-range of personal and commercial lines. HawkSoft works with IVANS, TEAM-UP, and other third-party vendors to ensure data transfer is secure and accurate. Eliminate cumbersome navigation on each carrier’s website to identify policy changes.

Lines of Business available for download will vary by carrier.

Retrievable data from carriers

Real time downloads import the following types of data into HawkSoft's management system with the click of a button.

Policy Downloads

  • Status changes (cancellations, reinstatements, etc.)
  • Policy changes (endorsements)
  • Renewal information
  • Contact info (phone, email)
  • Policy data (coverages, underwriting, vehicles, drivers, additional interests, etc.)
  • Premium information (rate change percentage, uprate alerts)
  • Commission statements


  • Claim status (open, closed, subrogation, litigation, etc.)
  • Claimant information
  • Accident descriptions
  • Adjuster contact info
  • Payment/reserve info

eDocs & Messages

  • Underwriting requests
  • Underwriting memos
  • Actual policy documents (identical to what the insured receives)
  • Cancellation notices
  • Claims information

Do your carriers send Downloads?

Check if your preferred carriers send Downloads here on our website. If a carrier is not there, we encourage agencies to contact their carrier reps to let them know how much more effective the agency can operate with automation and integrated downloads.