HawkSoft E-Signature

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Give your clients flexibility. Give your staff efficiency.

HawkSoft E-Signature™ (powered by InsureSign™) allows your agency to get documents signed, stored, and logged to the right client file in HawkSoft with ease. Securely send documents for digital signature, track status, and receive notifications of completed signatures. Give your clients the flexibility to sign paperwork through an easy interface from any phone, tablet, computer, and browser.

  • Email documents for e-Signature from within HawkSoft
  • Get documents signed faster
  • Eliminate the need for paper, handling, and filing errors
  • Mitigate your E&O exposure with a digital record
  • Consolidate the storage of all communication and documents to a single system

Your agency’s clients can sign documents from their mobile phone, tablet, or computer. This saves your clients the hassle and time of printing, signing, scanning, and emailing paperwork.

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"E-Signature was the #1 requested feature by our customers. It streamlines their sales and servicing processes. Agencies using e-Signature report a significant time savings with their workflows."

Sean Hawkins Vice President and Co-Founder, HawkSoft

If you have not signed up for an e-Signature service, call us today at (866) 884-4680 Option 4 to learn more about the time and security benefits of offering digital signature to your clients.

Already have e-Signature service through InsureSign? Contact (866) 884-4680 Option 3 to discuss migrating your account to HawkSoft E-Signature so you can enable integration with your HawkSoft system.