Import/Export Drivers and Vehicles Tool

Spend less time tracking the fleet and more time servicing the client.

Commercial auto policies are a staple for independent agents. But, these policies can be a challenge to keep track of. Drivers come and go. Older vehicles are retired and replaced by new ones. There is a constant shift in what is and isn’t insured, which can mean a lot of manual data entry to keep records current. HawkSoft simplifies this process with its Import/Export Drivers and Vehicles tool. Convert spreadsheet data into vehicle and driver information stored in the HawkSoft management system. Quickly share a list of vehicles or drivers by exporting it from HawkSoft.

 Drivers and Vehicles

Commercial fleets are comprised of drivers and their vehicles. You need accurate information on both in your management system. HawkSoft’s Import and Export tool is built to handle both with the same workflow.


HawkSoft will autofill auto policy information into ACORD forms, but that can be overkill when your goal is to confirm a list of drivers or vehicles. Export an easy-to-read spreadsheet to share with the insured. Your clients can make edits directly in the spreadsheet, and you can import it back into HawkSoft to apply those changes.


When entering a new commercial auto policy, manually entering every individual driver and vehicle can take hours. Cut that down to minutes by entering the information into a formatted spreadsheet, then import it directly to the policy.