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Tracking hazards has never been easier. Download, track, edit, and output to ACORD Forms.

HawkSoft enables you to create and track Workers’ Compensation policies, including coverage and hazard information. Workers' Compensation is included as a default coverage and can be customized to fit your business needs.

The way HawkSoft manages Workers’ Compensation hazards makes it convenient to quickly update the job classifications for remarketing. I love it!

Mike BrouwersBrouwers Agency LLC

Tracking and managing Hazards

Commercial-centric agents can track and manage hazards on Workers’ Compensation policies. Speed up Hazard entries and maintain data parity with carriers. Agents can:

  • Download data to populate Workers' Comp hazards
  • Enter or edit hazards
  • Flood hazards to ACORD 130
  • Output hazards to:
    • Correspondence Templates
    • Policy summary
    • Histories (in an ACORD format)