Go beyond a rater. Get accurate, bindable quotes direct from carrier websites.

The HawkLink extension for Google Chrome provides a powerful data mapping and form-filling tool for carrier and insurance websites. Agents can process their day-to-day transactions with speed, accuracy, and efficiency through direct integration with virtually any website that is available in Chrome. Get accurate, bindable quotes instead of ballpark estimates — not to mention keystroke-free policy servicing — with less hassle, in less time. Why pay for a rater when you can use HawkLink for Google Chrome at no additional cost?

HawkLink uses crowd-sourced mappings to automatically flood data stored in the HawkSoft system to the correct fields on a website, drastically reducing manual data entry.

How HawkLink Works

Auto-fill agency, client, and policy data into carrier websites. Search data, create quotes, retrieve county records, or send payment with ease.

Use crowd-sourced mappings or create your own

HawkLink for Google Chrome can automatically flood data onto 0 websites and counting.

HawkLink’s website mappings remember which HawkSoft data belongs in each field on a website, so data is automatically flooded each time you visit the site. Use crowd-sourced website mappings, which are submitted every day by HawkSoft agents, carriers, and vendors for hundreds of common carrier and insurance websites, or create your own mapping for any website that’s available in Chrome!

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