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Can’t find your preferred carrier in the rater you use with HawkSoft?
We’re working to add more carriers, and we could use your help.

What is HawkSoft doing to help?

HawkSoft is beholden to two stakeholders: our customers and our employees. For our customers, this means that we do everything in our power to represent their interests in the industry. HawkSoft stays in close contact with all leading and regional carriers. Because we integrate with many comparative raters, we have added this to our talking points. The more carriers that are added to raters with HawkSoft integration, the more useful HawkSoft can be to our customers.

What can I do to help?

Carriers may be skeptical when HawkSoft calls to talk integration. The more carriers we have integrated with HawkSoft, the better a product it is. Fair point. Integrating a carrier often means the carrier has to spend money on development, testing, and coordination. Carriers sometimes think this investment only benefits the rater company; yet, as we both know, it really is in a carrier’s best interest to integrate because it benefits both them and the independent agents that write with them.

Take Action

In the spirit of “Write your Senator” campaigns, HawkSoft has created this page of talking points and an email template. When you see your carrier reps, ask them if they would consider integrating with he rater you use. Send them the email below as a follow-up. It contains a summary of why they should integrate with a HawkSoft-supported rater and who to contact to to make it happen.