The Referral Race

Refer an agency. Earn credit.

We all have experienced the power of referrals. HawkSoft receives our fair share from our happy customers who talk to other independent agents. We want to reward them in a big way for their commitment to spreading the word about our family of HawkSoft people and products.

Ready. Set. Go!

It’s a fun (and friendly) competition to reward agents that refer HawkSoft to their peers. Each referral that signs with HawkSoft gives your agency a guaranteed reward as well as puts you (the referrer) in the running for the grand prize.

Game On!

$100, $500, $1,000 in agent prizes! No caps on referrals so the potential is unlimited.

Make enough referrals and they could pay for your agency's monthly HawkSoft fees!

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Referral Race Dashboard

Updated as of 3/31/2019

Quarter 2 – Current Referral Leaders

Agent 1
Agent 2
Agent 3

Quarter 1 – Winners

Top 3 Agents Awarded*

Agency Credit Earned

Chris Paradiso $100 Paradiso Insurance $1,433
Jessica Booton $100 Doran Insurance $   660
Malik Bhagat $100 Legacy Insurance Partners $   420

YTD – Total HawkSoft Credits Awarded


*Top 3 agents are determined first by the number of referrals submitted, then by agency credit earned.

Two Ways to Win

Your Agency

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Earn Credit

The referring agency is awarded a one-time credit equal to the new (referred) agency’s HawkSoft monthly maintenance fees*. This credit will be issued on your next scheduled invoice after the referred agency has gone live with HawkSoft.

Example: You referred a 5-user agency. The agency you referred signs up with HawkSoft. You will receive a one-time credit equal to the 5-user monthly maintenance fee of the agency that you referred.

To be fair, agencies referred to HawkSoft that do not become paying customers do not count as a referral. (We still appreciate the referral attempt!)

*Excludes HawkSoft Online hosting fees

You, the Referring Agent

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Quarterly Prizes

$100 gift card. Awarded to the Top 3 agents who have referred the most number of agencies per quarter (beginning January 1, 2019).

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Annual Drawing

$500 gift card. The top 3 winners from each quarter will be entered into an annual drawing where one lucky agent will win $500! Drawing will occur at the annual National HUG Conference (usually takes place in April every year).

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Grand Prize

$1,000 Value. The top referring agent of the year will be awarded a prize valued at $1,000 (i.e. weekend getaway)! Winner announced at the annual National HUG Conference (beginning 2020).

While The Referral Race is meant to be a fun, friendly competition, we don’t want to lose sight of the real intent behind this program:
to thank you, our customer and friend, for being a loyal part of the HawkSoft family.

Agency you are referring

Your information

Your agency's credit will be issued on your next scheduled invoice after the referred agency has gone live with HawkSoft.

Be a HawkSoft Reference and earn $25

Do you consider yourself an evangelist of HawkSoft and would be willing to be a reference during our sales process? If yes, we’d love to hear from you! Earn a $25 gift card for every customer you talk with that signs with HawkSoft.

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