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Carrier integration and other powerful tools

HawkSoft makes communicating with your carriers easy. With just the click of a button, you can immediately access information from your carriers. HawkSoft automatically downloads from IVANS and Team-Up and processes the information directly into your management system. It’s a one-click process, including checking for conflicts and double entries, and you can use the same workflow for every carrier, whether they have direct integration or not.

Benefits of HawkSoft’s carrier integration

  • Service customers faster and more accurately by updating policies directly from the carrier.
  • Process policy transactions directly from the customer’s file— policy / billing / claim inquiries, payment uploads, and quotes
  • Employ Real Time* carrier website integration
  • Use the same workflow for all carriers
  • No need to remember multiple passwords
  • Enjoy the easiest certificates in the industry
  • Save time with super-simple downloads
  • Send policy data to any website using HawkLink**
  • Quote instantly with HawkLink**

HawkSoft automatically processes commercial package downloads and splits them only when they include an auto, boat, or home policy. HawkSoft also automatically processes personal policy downloads and updates or creates a policy for each line of business.

HawkSoft not only provides superior carrier integration, it can also tie to your agency’s website, email, local files, calendars, raters, phone system, spreadsheets, vendors, and marketing sources.

HawkSoft’s powerful integrations increase profitability and make your life easier

  • Import leads from your agency website
  • Import/export with comparative rater
  • Utilize email marketing capabilities
  • Drag and drop directly into any client file
  • Integrate with Outlook and other email programs
  • Enjoy phone system integration with screen pops
  • Sync with marketing and lead generation sources
  • Import new clients from spreadsheets/databases
  • Integrate with vendors using HawkSoft API

*What is Real Time?

Real Time allows agents to retrieve current information from carriers. Since navigating each carrier’s website would be cumbersome and time consuming, Real Time imports the data directly into the management system for you with the click of a button.

Learn more about Real Time.

**What is HawkLink?

HawkLink is a tool that will change the way your agency interacts with the websites critical to your success.  HawkLink has been designed to be the most easy to use, customizable, and accurate way to quote a policy with multiple vendors and is included at no extra charge with HawkSoft’s Client Management System (CMS).

Use a single, consistent workflow to communicate with each of your carriers. Save hours of data entry by using HawkLink to automatically populate client/policy information to any carrier site or agent portal without the need of a comparative rater.

  • Use on any website such Zillow, Google Maps, or county assessor sites to pre-fill client address
  • Improve data security by using HawkLink instead of your browser to populate carrier login information
  • Capture screenshots (such as payment and endorsement confirmations) and attach them to the client record.
  • Skip the comparative rater and go directly to the carrier website for the most accurate quote.

HawkLink is a revolutionary tool that will disrupt the insurance industry.  After using HawkLink, you will reassess the value of your rater.


As you can see, HawkSoft’s powerful features and integrations enable you to be the trusted advisor your customers want while also boosting your own profits and increasing your agency’s value.