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A Comprehensive Accounting Solution

HawkSoft contains a strong accounting core that can stand alone in managing your insurance accounting needs. We also took it a step further by partnering with QuickBooks to bring you even more accounting functionality for your entire agency. Because the work you do in HawkSoft flows seamlessly into QuickBook, you’ll always know where you stand and be ready for tax time.

With over 20 years of experience, QuickBooks commands the vast majority of the small business accounting software market and is the accounting program most used by independent insurance agents.

You don’t even have to be familiar with accounting terms and minutiae to use QuickBooks. It simplifies and automates basic tasks, even pulling information from your bank.

How do HawkSoft and QuickBooks work together?

As you run your agency, you enter information into HawkSoft and then choose, with the click of a button, to send that information to QuickBooks for further processing. For example, you can create a custom policy invoice in HawkSoft and then transfer it to QuickBooks to process a payment to the carrier while retaining agency commission.

Here are some of the many accounting functions available to you with our comprehensive accounting solution.

HawkSoft Internal Accounting Highlights

  • Review daily financial transactions at a glance
  • Create custom invoices
  • Manage customer transactions
  • Record customer payments
  • Manage customer receivables
  • Update customer files
  • Retain commissions
  • Manage fees reporting
  • Generate commission reports for each agent and policy
  • Reconcile commissions
  • Track and pay agency-bill invoices
  • Track carrier payables
  • Calculate payments to carriers
  • Access great help resources

QuickBooks Accounting Highlights

  • Utilize complete trust accounting functionality
  • Take advantage of online or local QuickBooks options
  • Automate basic bookkeeping tasks
  • Sync with online banking and reconcile automatically
  • Enjoy single-entry accounting
  • Keep track of credit cards
  • Process payroll
  • Track income and expenses
  • Pay vendors and track payables
  • Utilize money management tools
  • Automatically print checks, including for carriers
  • Record agency payments to check register
  • Create reports of fees and commissions
  • Generate standard and customized accounting reports
  • Simplify training

Because HawkSoft and QuickBooks work so smoothly together to provide you the information you need, you’ll have the time to focus on people, not process, and the freedom to grow your business.