Modernize your agency with self-service options for your policyholders

Put the power in the hands of your policyholders with Self-service Certificates. Publish Certificates of Insurance from HawkSoft to a secure web-based portal. Insureds can then add or edit certificate holders, generate certificates, and send them to the cert holder. Save time and work for both the agent and the insured, making the burdensome process seamless for everyone.

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How it works

The agent can:

  • Publish a certificate from HawkSoft to the web-based portal
  • Email a unique portal access link to the insured
  • Receive an email with the certificate whenever an insured generates a new one, and save it to the client file
  • Import cert holders added by the insured into HawkSoft
  • Revoke certificates from the web portal at any time

The insured can:

  • Access the web portal from any device
  • Search existing cert holders or add new ones
  • Download, print, or email certificates to holders

Our insureds love Self-service Certificates because they don’t need a middle-man involved. The entire process is very efficient and automated. They have the freedom to access the portal themselves and get their certificates outside of our business hours, or on a Saturday. The most important thing is that it’s convenient for the customer.

Amanda Lucas CDL Associates Insurance Agency

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