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HawkSoft vs EZLynx

Emmanuel Osuyah
Alpha Direct Agency, LLC
Emmanuel’s agency currently uses HawkSoft. They used to be a Nationwide® captive agency and since going independent have used 6 different CRMs before landing with HawkSoft.

Email Transcript:

The following is a transcript of answers provided by Emmanuel Osuyah to an inquiring agency that was evaluating HawkSoft and EZLynx®.

“There are about 20 other great reasons to choose HawkSoft, but here are a few about HawkSoft’s key capabilities that will hopefully help you with your management system search.”
– Emmanuel Osuyah

1. HawkSoft reporting and favorite feature

One of my favorite features of HawkSoft is the live reports. After you run an initial report, you can quickly generate additional reports from the initial report without losing the original. This is all done in 1-2 clicks. You can also access the client profile from a line item and return right back to where you were without losing your original place. This feature alone saves me hours of reconciling credit card fees and broker fees every month. Now, it only takes minutes. HawkSoft shows you how this works when they demo their Agency Intelligence Reporting Suite.

2. Customer Service and Product Support

Any agent who uses HawkSoft will tell you the #1 reason to choose HawkSoft is their support service. 5 stars are insufficient to rate these guys. I won’t say more than that. You’ll have to experience it for yourself. Problems are solved in a fast and professional manner. After using HawkSoft for three years, I don’t think it has taken more than 2 minutes to reach a person and I am including dial time.

3. How HawkSoft compares to EZLynx

I have used 6 different CRMs in 15 years and the best one has been HawkSoft. While EZLynx is easy to use and more colorful, it just doesn’t have the bells and whistles for Commercial account management.

Personal Lines vs. Commercial Lines

I also have broker friends who have used EZLynx for years but continue to ask me about other options, which tells me that they are dissatisfied. EZLynx is very slow to update. I think EZLynx’s strength is its ability to smoothly manage auto renewals. So if your agency is personal lines heavy, it may make sense because you can generate auto insurance quotes for your renewal report in a few clicks and that’s powerful.


HawkSoft is Windows and Mac compatible, so employees who work from home have access from their Windows or Mac computer.

Downloads, ACORDs, and Binders

Both systems receive downloads from the carriers. WIth HawkSoft, these downloads integrate with Agency Intelligence reports so the figures are accurate when you run big picture reports.

Both systems generate ACORD Forms and binders. But Hawksoft allows text messaging from the software which moved my CSR from late pay calling to late pay texting. Templates of the texts are preset in English and Spanish so it’s a click and send. HawkSoft logs a note that the late pay text was sent with a time stamp. We all have those customers who claim they were never contacted about the cancellation. They change their tone when we send a screenshot of the dates and times of texts they never heeded.

4. HawkSoft’s interface and ease of onboarding

HawkSoft’s software interface is easy to use. There is a very short learning curve to onboard new employees. HawkSoft’s load time is a fraction of a second which means your employees save time when they access a file. You can also launch multiple files at a time which is fantastic. AMS360®, for example, would stall and you would need to shut down and reboot the software, which is a time killer.

5. Accounting and QuickBooks integration

HawkSoft integrates well with Quickbooks, so if you already use QuickBooks in your daily practice it will be smooth. I don’t use it for my fiduciary accounts so there was a bit of a curve there. But you always have the option to continue making your checks however you want. HawkSoft simplifies the reporting process to help you send out the checks.

HawkSoft also has the best agency bill commission management too. I enjoy agency billed policies a lot more now. It’s so simple.

EZLynx is a trademark of Webcetera GP, LLC.

"I had 3 systems in house at one time to compare. HawkSoft is incomparably good when you call for help. The functionality is good and it is always getting better. We've merged 3 agencies together and have decades of experience with all 3 of these systems. When it was time to choose, HawkSoft was the over whelming choice hands down."

Don L.

"I have been using HawkSoft since 2008 for the agency I work with. System was fantastic to start with even in 2008, but it kept evolving every year with new features and turned into THE BEST system I ever came across. It has all the bells and whistles one could wish for."

Sagar R.

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