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#1 value in management systems

Agencies looking for the highest return from their management system investment have come to the right place. Unlike others, the HawkSoft agency management system bundles the following capabilities with your investment:

  • All core features to manage, grow, and measure your agency
  • Live and immediate support by phone and remote login
  • No long-term contracts
  • #1 in customer satisfaction with a 97% first-call resolution rate
  • Every phone call is answered in less than 2 minutes, on average
  • #1 data conversions team; we'll move more .texe


definition: the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

Value isn’t the same as price. Value is the belief that you are getting something greater than what you are giving.

Every agency gets the full HawkSoft system:

  • Commercial and personal lines workflows
  • Sales pipeline CRM categories
  • Policy Management workflows
  • Live phone and Remote Login support
  • Document storage
  • Complete library of ACORD Forms
  • Invoicing and accounting
  • Batch email marketing
  • Text messaging
  • Two implementation options: Online and Local In-office installation
  • Mobile-ready for tablets and smartphones

Our investment in HawkSoft is some of the best money we have spent within our agency.

Becky Hayes Agency Partners Inc, GA

Easiest system to learn

Your staff will vouch for this after just one week in our system. Workflows mirror the actions your staff engages. Other systems focus on other areas of business such as financial analysis, invoicing, or rating. HawkSoft does that also, but is first and foremost optimized for personal and commercial lines workflows. This means it's easier to train staff and run your agency with HawkSoft as compared to other systems.


Genuine people. Privately-owned business.

HawkSoft is not an institutionally-owned company that is accountable to many shareholders. We report to two stakeholders: our customers and our employees. Agencies using HawkSoft say that working with our employees is like a breath of fresh air. Read more about our commitment to Service That Delights.


On-going education on running a thriving business

We invest in regional HawkSoft User Groups (HUG meetings) so agencies receive on-going training. We don't limit the education to just our system though. We work together to learn about running a business – marketing, sales, service, operations, hiring, security, self-development, employee motivation, analytics, and much more!


Features that you won't find bundled together anywhere else

  • Unified Client File
    Access policies, docs, accounting, log notes, and contact info within 4 clicks or less. Get a complete picture of your clients without jumping through endless screens
  • Automatic Documentation
    Our proprietary ACTION MENU system builds documentation, behind-the-scenes, as you engage the workflow. No separate step required.
  • Retention Alerts
    Get notified with a list of clients that need immediate attention. A follow-up task is assigned to your staff when a client's renewal arrives higher than a threshold that you define. Attend to clients you're at risk of losing before it even gets that far.
  • Virtual Printer
    Scan, document, and log any website or program to a client file. It's our own PDF writer.
  • HawkLink Browser
    Turn the chore of working with multiple carrier websites into a few simple clicks. It floods policyholder data from HawkSoft into carrier websites. Minimize data entry and errors. Save hours every month.
  • Batch email marketing
    Create, test, and send emails directly from any report (such as monthly renewal or cross-sell reports). Email contents are logged in the Unified Client File so any member of your staff can pick up where the last person left off. Follow-ups can be automatically scheduled on your staff's calendar.
  • Text messaging
    Use your local office phone number for sending/receiving. Clients know who the text is coming from because their Caller ID resolves the number to your agency's name. Client replies are documented for E&O.
  • Permission-based user setup
    Control how, where, and which staff accesses data. Define access by user, time, or IP. Multi-office agencies can segment access by location.
  • Concierge-like utility builds staff agendas
    Eliminate the employee management hassle of designing each staff member's to-do list. HawkSoft builds a daily agenda of reminders and tasks. Your staff has their list ready to start their day. Nothing slips through the cracks.

Did You Know?

Every HawkSoft employee's desk is handmade by the CEO, Paul Hawkins.