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Converting data doesn’t have to be painful

Your biggest assets are your book of business and the rich client relationships and notes that you have accumulated over the years. Losing or corrupting this information are the biggest risks to your business. One reason agencies choose HawkSoft is because we lead the industry in data conversions. We are able to migrate more of your data than any other vendor without the extra costs or surprises.

"The thought of changing systems was overwhelming. We braced ourselves for days, if not weeks, of down time. I couldn't have imagined a better transition! The system works - no errors, no glitches, no excuses!"

Kasey ChildsDan King Agency, WI

"HawkSoft made the transition from our old system (which we had for 15 years) extremely easy! Data conversion and training went very smooth."

Pat LambSelect Insurance Services, OH

Consultative approach. Dedicated Conversions Specialist.

We don’t hand you a guide nor expect you to take the lead. Instead, we use a consultative approach and work with you. We review the converted data with you, compare it with your existing management system, and make sure you receive answers to your questions and concerns.

We have documented workflows to migrate data from other agency systems in the market. We know how their data is formatted and which HawkSoft fields to map it to. We take the extra effort to communicate every step of the process so you know exactly what's happening to your data during the migration.

The Conversion Team is confident in converting your data because of years of refining and documenting our processes.

HawkSoft’s Data Conversion process

  1. Your agency will be assigned a Conversions Specialist. They will contact you to coordinate the details of your conversion. The initial call outlines the full conversion process from start to finish. Your input and concerns at this stage are key to driving a successful conversion. We tailor the data conversion to your business needs.

  2. The Conversions Specialist will copy your data from your existing system at a time convenient for you. This copy will be part of your Initial Conversion, which is a period of time where you can see a complete conversion of your data into HawkSoft. This gives you hands-on learning with the HawkSoft system using your clients and policies. This also grants you plenty of time to work with the Conversions Specialist to ensure you are happy with the converted data. If any data is inaccurate, we’ll address it at this stage.

  3. Once your HawkSoft Training is complete and you’re satisfied with the data conversion, your Conversions Specialist will import one final copy of your data. This guarantees your data is current the day that you go live with HawkSoft's management system in your office.

Request Conversion Specifications For Your Current System