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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

The secret to HawkSoft’s growth since 1995 is delivering unrelenting service that delights the people we have the privilege to touch. Beyond software and features, this is our hidden competitive advantage. Achieving this requires the guts to rank values ahead of profit. Often, this means choosing the right decision over the right business decision.

We promise that when you call on us for help, the entire HawkSoft team will be here for you.

No excuses.
Just a delightful, can-do attitude.

In tangible terms...

It means being mindful of hiring the right people to represent the HawkSoft brand. It means training our employees to ask engaging questions and consult with your agency about the right solutions – even if HawkSoft does not offer them. It means we follow up with support tickets – after they have been marked complete – just to make sure your issue stays resolved. It means we’ll check in on our agencies if we haven’t heard from them in a while.

Culture and training mean a lot at HawkSoft. New employees engage a rigorous 45 days of service, product, and core values training before they handle their first independent service call. Our leadership team meets with every employee to share our values and why it’s important to HawkSoft’s purpose that we treat our customers like family.

We believe in hiring genuine people, sharing a common workplace purpose, and building the structure to allow each person to thrive. Agencies that use HawkSoft say this commitment to Service That Delights really shines in every interaction. We hope we also have the privilege of earning that level of trust from you.

Put us to the test

Don't take our word for it. Put our customer support to the test by calling 1-866-884-4680, Option 3. We're confident you'll get a feel for our committment to service.

"In my 41 years of business, I have never worked with a company with better customer service than HawkSoft!"

John Brundige, Fall & Fall Insurance, Fulton, Kentucky

"HawkSoft staff has always been very friendly and extremely helpful! EVERY agent should go with HawkSoft!"

Debbie Beadle, Guardian Reliability Group, Lufkin, Texas