A management system is the blueprint upon which you build your agency’s operations and workflows.
Choose a worthy one.

Your road to independence

HawkSoft understands the complexities you are going through as you become an independent agency. We’re here to help you find the best solution for your agency. Deciding to invest in a management system may be your single most important decision that will significantly affect where your agency will be in the years ahead.

The right partner and system can help you run your agency more efficiently so you can get back to doing what’s most important — building relationships.


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path to independence.

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"...having an agency management system is a must and there is not a more user friendly system than HawkSoft. In my opinion, HawkSoft will help you to grow and manage your agency."

Kevin DorganSales Automation Consultant for Insurance Agencies

"After 5 years of unsuccessfully trying multiple CRM options we have found a home with HawkSoft. HawkSoft empowers me to envision our next level of growth because we have the proper tech infrastructure to support our goals. We dream of possibilities; HawkSoft and their team allows them to become a reality."

Emmanuel OsuyahPrincipal, Alpha Direct Agency LLC
Nationwide agency that went independent

Nationwide Package

With HawkSoft you will receive all the technology, training, and support needed to give you a solid foundation on which to successfully build your independent agency.

What a great management system should do for you

The HawkSoft Partnership

Where relationships matter

Let’s face it: 80% of the capabilities across agency management systems are the same. So how do you cut through the sales pitch and differentiate between vendors?

Experience the Difference in our:

Our People

HawkSoft is privately-owned by the same family that founded it in 1995. Unlike companies run by investment groups or large parent organizations, our agenda is driven by our customers.

HawkSoft is accountable to two types of stakeholders – employees and customers.



18 years

Average agency
retention rate


Satisfaction rate
with call support

Passionate and Approachable

We care

HawkSoft has a unique story and a unique product. Our purpose is to give independent agencies the knowledge and tools to build their businesses around memorable service and meaningful relationships.

The HawkSoft Story

"We are proud to be a family-owned business in a family-centric industry that protects American families and businesses."

Paul HawkinsCEO & Co-Founder

14 min
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Our Service

Beyond software and features, product support is our hidden competitive advantage. It’s what drives our high retention numbers and what we hear most when people talk about HawkSoft. Trained representatives truly understand the insurance business and HawkSoft’s system.

"In my 41 years of business, I have never worked with a company with better customer service than HawkSoft!"

John BrundigeFall & Fall Insurance, Fulton, Kentucky

Don’t take our word for it, listen to our customers.

Agencies that use HawkSoft say our commitment to Service That Delights really shines in every interaction.

More Client Testimonials

Put our customer support to the test by calling 1-866-884-4680, Option 3.
We're confident you'll get a feel for our commitment to service.

"Someone really does answer the phone and is able to help if you call product support!"

Kasey ChildsDan King Agencys, WI

"HawkSoft employees understand things from an agency viewpoint. They have all been so helpful, personable, and efficient."

LeRoy ReddingEZR Insurance Services, ID

"Tech Support at HawkSoft explains the system to our staff in terms we can all understand."

Sharon VargasCalifornia

Sense of Community

Deliver an Exceptional Experience

For the Good of All

Do the Right Thing

Work to Live, Don't Live to Work

Focus on the Solution


Attitude of Gratitude

Our Culture

HawkSoft’s unique company culture is a key driver of our success. We have learned through our experiments that a strong company culture affects the success of the business. It often begins with employees’ happiness, which in turn influences customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

HawkSoft lives its core values. Everything we do for our employees and customers is driven from one of our core values.

Our core values are not just flowery words to us, they're important beliefs woven into the fabric of our company and every employee.

We believe in hiring genuine people.

"Some of the best advice I ever received when I first started HawkSoft was, ‘Paul, one of the most important things you’ll ever do is surround yourself with good people.’ This is one thing I will not veer from—we hire good people that fit our culture."

Paul HawkinsCEO / Co-Founder of HawkSoft

Our culture has landed us the following ratings and awards. We are humbled by this and make it our mission to exemplify our core values and culture by delivering an exceptional experience to our customers.

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Our Product

The #1 investment to manage and grow your personal and commercial lines business. HawkSoft is built around the agent’s workflows, not the other way around. 

  • 97% of our customers say they would recommend HawkSoft to their peers
  • The only system designed to optimize an agency’s daily workflows
  • One system to manage Personal and Commercial lines, and automate policy updates across multiple carriers
  • A system that your staff will love spending 95% of their workday using

Core Features

All the core features to manage, grow, and measure your agency in 4 clicks or less.

We listen and implement

Many of our product enhancements come from ideas that our agents submit through our HawkSoft Community, and are voted on by other agents.

"Annotating, log entries, and documentation in HawkSoft is way ahead of the competition."

Bob BethelBethal Insurance Services, CA

"HawkSoft has positioned our agency to be more efficient and organized. Re-quoting business and documenting files has never been so easy. Every independent agency should consider HawkSoft."

Anthony RollinsRollins Insurance, Florence, Kentucky

"Our investment in HawkSoft is some of the best money
we have spent with our agency."

Becky Hayes
Agency Partners Inc, GA

Our Price

Honest and transparent pricing

HawkSoft  provides the #1 value in management systems. Agencies looking for the highest return from their management system investment have come to the right place.

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No contracts.
No gimmicky introductory offers.

Don't hold your agency hostage to long-term commitments with low introductory offers. These offers mean that your price will skyrocket after the honeymoon is over. Data extraction fees may also be in the fine print.

HawkSoft has no contracts. We also believe your data belongs to you. Get a copy of it anytime, at no cost.

Why I Chose HawkSoft

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Give us a call or schedule a demo with one of our experienced Territory Managers who will be happy to discuss features and price in more detail. We’re ready to be your partner.