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HawkSoft's Insurance Agency Management System:
Your Most Valuable Employee

Build a powerful foundation for growth and retention on HawkSoft's insurance agency management system.

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What's so special about HawkSoft's agency management system?

Insurance agency management systems have become a cottage industry, with nearly as many vendors out there as insurance carriers. How does HawkSoft's insurance agency management software stand out in serving independent agencies?

  • Provides intuitive PL and CL policy management
  • Increases efficiency and reduces costs
  • Boosts sales and improves client retention
  • Standardizes processes across policies and carriers
  • Automates documentation and mitigates E&O
  • Helps staff keep track of tasks and schedules
  • Keeps KPIs up front with easy reporting and analytics

Turn your agency into an insurtech powerhouse with our strategic insurance software technology at its foundation. HawkSoft's insurance software solution works harder and smarter for your agency with the tools and technologies you need to succeed in the ultra-competitive modern insurance industry.

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Efficiency & Automation

  • Automate policy management
    Automate tedious workflows with tools for both personal and commercial lines including carrier downloads, prefills on ACORD Forms, submission tracking, and our HawkLink tool for policy data autofill on carrier sites.
  • Plan your agents' days and issue reminders
    Have a can't-miss meeting with potential or existing clients to review an upcoming policy renewal? HawkSoft's agency management system keeps agents and brokers on task and on time with proactive alerts and notifications. It also provides visibility into their schedule so they're always mindful of their customers.
  • Manage documents effortlessly
    Documents at the policy level are all stored in the HawkSoft insurance agency management system, allowing agents to drag-and-drop directly from HawkSoft into your email app. Virtual Printer serves as an all-in-one tool for creating and sharing attachments, and with HawkSoft's self-documenting Action Menu, your team can track every client interaction and reduce the risks associated with E&O.
  • All your data, on all your devices
    The HawkSoft insurance agency management system works on any device you're using: desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Our Agent Portal is designed for agents on the go who need to view client data in a web browser from mobile devices.

Growth & Measurement

  • Increase sales opportunities and retention
    Thanks to the website lead capture feature, your agency can obtain leads directly from your website by using web forms to import data into the HawkSoft insurance agency management platform. And for existing customers, keep tabs on premium increases ahead of renewal with Uprate Alerts.

    With HawkSoft's built-in Agency Intelligence™ reporting suite, you'll get clarity and insight into various key performance indicators like the sales pipeline, retention, and cross-sell opportunities. Our data analytics engine helps you gauge your independent insurance agency's vital signs and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Communicate more efficiently and comprehensively
    Marketing is a team sport. With correspondence templates for batch email, texting, and e-signature, agents can send correspondence directly from any report. Any employee can access and edit a template to save time on communications.
  • Sensational integration
    Thanks to our Partner API connections, your agency can integrate HawkSoft's agency management system software with other third-party Insurtech companies for rating, marketing automation, VoIP, and much more. Plus, leverage special discounts from our array of solutions partners and network partners.
  • Seamless accounting, commissions processing, and reporting
    HawkSoft's insurance management system comes with built-in insurance accounting workflows. For operating accounting, we integrate with the #1 small-business accounting platform: QuickBooks. Import commission statements via Excel or CSV with fields already mapped to our accounting system for seamless commission processing.

Unparalleled Service

  • Value without gimmicks
    Some companies offer suspiciously low introductory offers and lock you into long-term contracts before you can tell if the system is a good fit for your agency. HawkSoft doesn't play these games.

    Our sales agreement doesn't require a term-based commitment beyond 30 days, and we don't hold your data hostage with early termination fees or data extraction fees if you choose to leave. We include all core features in one base subscription and offer add-ons and integrations to help your agency scale as you grow.
  • Expert data conversion that sets the industry benchmark
    The thought of migrating from your current management system to HawkSoft can be unsettling. Change isn't easy, which is why we have dedicated specialists to walk you through the data conversion process. We convert more data from legacy systems than anyone else on the market, so your agency can start working in HawkSoft within 24 hours of final data conversion.
  • Privately owned
    As a private, family-owned business created by an independent agent in 1995, HawkSoft's only two priorities are its customers and employees, not outside investors looking for quick ROI. We have said no to many acquisition requests, and our track record proves that we are in the independent insurance market for the long run.
  • Committed customer service
    From omni-channel support (phone, email, remote login, live chat) to a comprehensive Help Portal with how-to videos, HawkSoft aims to deliver customer service the moment you call, write, or message us. Complemented by a robust HawkSoft User Group (HUG) and educational webinars and events, our superior customer service contributes to our 18-year average customer retention rate.

Choose an insurance agency management system that provides the efficiency, ease, and support your agency needs to maintain and grow your business. Schedule a no-obligation demo today to see if HawkSoft's agency management system is right for you.

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