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Become the HawkSoft rockstar in your agency.
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Agencies that have used HawkSoft to dramatically improve their workday productivity have one thing in common: agency owners and staff who are committed to learning the time-saving workflows in HawkSoft. HawkSoft University offers both on-demand and live instructor-led online classes. Take classes at your pace. Get answers to your questions from HawkSoft trainers. Earn your HawkSoft Graduate Certificate by finishing the curriculum.

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HawkSoft Overview

Introduction to the common functions an agency will engage using the HawkSoft system. Documentation, client maintenance, PL and CL workflows, and more.

Database Administration

Learn how to run maintenance and backup utilities so your database is archived on permanent storage media. These copies help in the event of data loss and with document preservation regulations.

Commercial Lines Workflows

Covers the CL lifecycle and workflows. Issue policies, process certificates, making changes, process

Personal Lines Workflows

Covers the PL lifecycle and workflows. Insert a prospective client and tracking them through the stages

Receipt & Invoicing

  • Intended for anyone in the agency that issues invoices or takes payments.
  • Invoicing and receipting for Agency Bill clients
  • Receipting for Direct Bill clients
  • Producing courtesy invoices
  • Document insured payments direct to the company
  • Using the built-in Receipt Report
  • Handling special cases like voiding, split-detail, non-sufficient funds, receivable credits, and advanced premium


  • Gain insight into your book of business. Learn how to use a variety of reports to effectively manage areas of your insurance business including:
  • Cross-sell opportunities
  • Renewal policies
  • Pending cancellations
  • Agent activity reports
  • Book of Business by Carrier or LOBs
  • Email marketing lists

Certificates of Liability

Learn how to create Certificates of Liability using master certificates, customize options per certificate holder, and distribute certificates.

Policy Changes from Non-Downloading Carriers

Learn how to update client and policy information when receiving policy status changes from non-downloading carriers. Learn to process changes regardless of how the Declarations page is received.

Unmatched Documents Inbox Processing

This inbox is a temporary storage folder that contains downloads, scanned docs, and image files. Downloads are sent here if a matching policy number and LOB are not found. Learn how to easily manage and process downloads in this inbox so they update the correct client and policy files.

Scheduled / Unscheduled Property

Set up, edit, and create ACORD forms for both types of commercial schedules: Scheduled Property Schedules and Unscheduled Property Schedules. Learn how to maintain clients, organize important policy details, and calculate premiums and limits. In Transfer schedules information to ACORD forms.

HawkSoft University continues to expand its curriculum. If there is a course you would like to see that is not listed, please send us your suggestion