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View and track the status of your submissions at a glance

Keeping track of insurance application submissions like Commercial Insurance or Workers’ Comp across multiple carriers or brokerages can be a nightmare. HawkSoft Submission Tracking eliminates time wasted searching through attachments and notes on a client file to check on the status of a submission. Quickly add tracking to attachments on a client file and create submission groups for multiple carriers. The Submissions tab displays status and key details so you can track groups of submissions across multiple carriers at a glance.

How Submission Tracking works

"I had 3 systems in house at one time to compare. HawkSoft is incomparably good when you call for help. The functionality is good and it is always getting better. We've merged 3 agencies together and have decades of experience with all 3 of these systems. When it was time to choose, HawkSoft was the over whelming choice hands down."

Don L.

"I have been using HawkSoft since 2008 for the agency I work with. System was fantastic to start with even in 2008, but it kept evolving every year with new features and turned into THE BEST system I ever came across. It has all the bells and whistles one could wish for."

Sagar R.

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