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Capturing website leads into HawkSoft is effortless

Your website is one of your most powerful lead capture vehicles. You can easily import those leads into HawkSoft, assign to staff for follow up, and kickstart your sales and relationship-nurturing process. HawkSoft becomes your sales and marketing CRM. And because of our system’s automatic documentation capability, every email, phone call, and interaction with leads is tracked.

  • Capture website leads into HawkSoft
  • Assign follow-up and lead nurturing tasks to your staff
  • Turn HawkSoft into your sales and marketing CRM
  • Report on sales pipeline activity using Agency Intelligence
  • Use HawkSoft’s built-in email marketing features to schedule and send campaigns

We use the integration with HawkSoft to receive quotes from our website. It seamlessly imports directly into HawkSoft CMS.

Lewis PPaul Harris Insurance, Panama City, FL

Lewis uses Alicor Solutions to build and manage the integration between their agency’s website and HawkSoft. Alicor Solutions is an approved partner of HawkSoft.

How website lead capture works

The following steps outline a one-time setup where you will upload some programming code to the server that hosts your agency’s website. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes.

  1. Connect your website lead capture form with our CMSMTF Tagged File Format.
    This guarantees that every time a lead is captured, someone in your office will receive an email notification with our CMSMTF file as an attachment. This person on your team can then review and qualify (or disqualify) the lead. This step guarantees that the data that you import into HawkSoft is a qualified lead.
  2. Import the lead into HawkSoft by double-clicking on the CMSMTF file you received by email.
    This will automatically launch HawkSoft and begin the import process. If a duplicate client file is found with the same name or email address as the lead you are trying to import, you will receive a prompt allowing you to merge certain data from the lead into the existing client file or create a new client file. This ensures duplicate client files aren’t created.
  3. Ready, set, go! Kickstart your sales, marketing, and relationship nurturing efforts.