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Your agency management system should be more than one of many disparate software tools in your agency’s toolbox—it should be the center of a harmonious ecosystem of integrated technology. HawkSoft already has a robust offering of API and Solution Partners to help agencies build their technology stack, but now we’re making it easier than ever to bundle complementary products with HawkSoft+.

HawkSoft+ offerings provide an even deeper level of partnership with third party systems, creating a seamless, unified experience with simplified billing and streamlined setup and support. Our first HawkSoft+ product is automated communications, providing comprehensive client communications, feedback, and review management features as part of the HawkSoft experience.

HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals

HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals have always shared a unique point of view in the industry as family-owned, private businesses committed to bringing technology solutions to independent insurance agencies without relying on outside investors.

HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals takes our partnership to the next level with a software bundle offering both systems on a single bill. This all-in-one solution delivers a complete policy management and automated communications solution, so your agency can get more done with less effort. Your staff can spend their workday in HawkSoft while the communications and follow-up task assignments happen automatically in the background through Rocket Referrals.

Unique advantages for your agency

Use HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals on the same screen with Sidecar

Best-in-class integration
Robust two-way API integration adds HawkSoft data automatically into Rocket Referrals and facilitates convenient features like single sign-on and a customizable automated tasks tool that creates follow-up reminders in HawkSoft when communications are sent.

No switching between systems
Rocket Referrals’ revolutionary Sidecar feature lets you use both systems on the same screen. Send communications and complete tasks without ever leaving HawkSoft.

Streamlined setup & support
HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals work together to make the onboarding process painless. Rocket Referrals comes pre-configured for HawkSoft with custom settings and templates. Both systems offer unparalleled training and support for customers.

Simplified billing
Take the hassle out of billing with one invoice from HawkSoft that includes the monthly base fee and per-user subscription for both systems.

Powerful features and automation

In addition to the powerful policy servicing capabilities of the HawkSoft agency management system, you’ll get the Rocket Referrals Premium plan, which includes the most robust offering of features and automation for client communications, feedback and review management, and analytics. Nourish client relationships with effortless, consistent personalized communications and intelligent AI features that constantly learn and tailor outreach and tasks to achieve the best results.

Automated client communications

  • Set up automated communications
    Choose from a large library of email templates, or build your own in a few clicks
  • Enable web chat on your website, Facebook, and Google
    Answer questions instantly and identify repeat visitors
  • Send personalized cards (includes 20 per month)
    Rocket Referrals’ proprietary handwriting technology makes each note feel special
  • Add TCPA-ready client texting (additional fee)
    Text clients using your existing agency phone number
  • See all client conversations in one place
    See communications and feedback from all channels in one central location
  • Use each client’s preferred sending method
    Automatically send communications through the channel each client is most responsive on
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Client feedback & analysis

  • Send automated Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys
    Discover which clients are satisfied and unsatisfied
  • Get alerts on at-risk clients
    Save clients before it’s too late and boost your customer retention
  • Monitor results with AI-powered analytics
    Easily understand and categorize feedback without combing through individual responses
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Online review management

  • Manage and respond to reviews
    Manage Google and Facebook reviews in one place
  • Automatically collect reviews
    Requests are sent gradually over time, not all at once
  • Ask the right clients
    Ask satisfied customers, and automatically exclude those who have already given a review
  • Improve local SEO
    Reviews boost SEO and increase the number of people that find your agency online
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More automation partners

Already using an automated communications platform that’s not Rocket Referrals? No problem! While HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals provides the most seamless experience accessing automated communications within HawkSoft, we support API integrations with many other fantastic automation partners—the choice is always up to you and what’s best for your agency. Just let us know if you already have a client communication platform or if you’d like to see HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals during your demo.

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