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How is HawkSoft 6 different from current local and online installations?

What is a local installation?

This deployment method installs HawkSoft CMS on a local server or network located in, owned, and operated by your agency. Data is stored and delivered from your local server to your office staff who use HawkSoft CMS. You access HawkSoft directly from your workstation desktop.

How is HawkSoft 6 different from a local installation?

Data in the cloud

Data in the cloud

Your agency’s data will be hosted by HawkSoft in our cloud with a targeted 99.5% uptime, eliminating the cost and effort of storing and securing it on your own server and network.

Enhanced Data Security

Enhanced data security

Your data will be stored securely on Microsoft Azure using industry best practices and redundant storage, rather than your agency being responsible for data security.

Accessible Anywhere

Accessible anywhere

You can access the full HawkSoft program from any Windows-powered desktop or laptop with an internet connection, whether inside or outside your office. You will not need to use RDP or VPN to connect to HawkSoft on your workstation.

Automatic Backups

Automatic backups & maintenance of HawkSoft data

Backups of your HawkSoft data will be done for you in the cloud, and other manual activities like search index maintenance and backup retention will no longer be necessary.

Automatic Version Updates

Automatic version updates

No need to manually update HawkSoft every time there’s a new version. You will receive new features, capabilities, and security patches automatically.

Will pricing for HawkSoft 6 be different than my pricing on the local installation?

Depending on your current pricing, the pricing of HawkSoft 6 may be higher than it is for your local installation. Our intent is for the pricing to be comparable to our current retail price for HawkSoft Online (which is generally higher than the pricing for a local installation). HawkSoft 6 uses more advanced technology than our local installation, and as such will have a price more comparable to our current online installation. However, you may experience significant savings from eliminating servers and network services, as data will no longer be stored on your agency’s hardware. As we get closer to moving your agency, you will be notified of any price adjustments.

Will I be able to remain on a local installation after HawkSoft 6 is released?

When HawkSoft 6 is made available to all agencies, we will allow agencies to remain on their current HawkSoft deployment while they evaluate whether or not they should transition to HawkSoft 6. HawkSoft will also continue to support legacy deployments (like local installation) for a period of time after the full release of HawkSoft 6.

It is important to note, however, that all new major features (i.e., Cloud Accounting, Cloud Reporting, new API integrations, etc.) will only be released on the HawkSoft 6 platform. Our cloud platform is the future of HawkSoft and will be our sole focus going forward. Agencies who elect to stay on an older version of HawkSoft CMS will eventually reach a final version of HawkSoft CMS to which no future updates or security patches will be released.

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What is HawkSoft Online (formerly HawkSoft Anywhere)?

This deployment method installs HawkSoft CMS on a Windows-based desktop hosted online by a third-party online hosting partner. Your agency accesses HawkSoft through a Remote Application Server (RAS) technology called Parallels RAS. HawkSoft is not installed directly on your agency’s workstations. Instead, your staff logs into HawkSoft and your Windows-based desktop through the Parallels RAS technology.

How is HawkSoft 6 different from HawkSoft Online?


No need for Parallels RAS

Rather than using Parallels RAS to access HawkSoft on a hosted Windows-based desktop, HawkSoft will be installed directly on your desktop or laptop workstation.


No third-party online hosting partner

Your data will be hosted directly on HawkSoft Cloud instead of any of our current third-party online hosting partners. Our cloud will be powered by Microsoft Azure. HawkSoft will have direct control over your agency’s cloud environment, giving us the ability to respond quickly when issues arise.


Faster and more reliable connectivity

The bandwidth (internet speed) requirements for HawkSoft 6 will be significantly lower than those of HawkSoft Online today. This means less latency, no more episodes of mouse lag, and overall better experience. With redundant storage that targets 99.5% uptime, we expect fewer outages too!


Scalability for large amounts of data

Client data will be provided on-demand in HawkSoft 6, significantly increasing ease of use for large agencies with thousands of client files. Data-heavy activities like running reports will be 10–50 times faster for large agencies! (Yes, we’ve tested this.) A scalable infrastructure also allows HawkSoft to increase system capacity as needed to ensure your performance times don’t suffer as your client files grow.

Will pricing for HawkSoft 6 be different than my pricing on HawkSoft Online?

Our intent is for the pricing to be comparable to our current retail price for HawkSoft Online. We believe this will be possible due to cost savings HawkSoft will witness by eliminating the need for Parallels RAS technology and services currently delivered by third-party online hosting partners. However, we will have a better idea of all associated costs once development is completed on HawkSoft 6.

Will I be able to remain on an online installation after HawkSoft 6 is released?

HawkSoft Online offers a convenient solution for agencies that are looking to reduce how much of their own IT they manage. With HawkSoft Online, an agency can get a hosted Windows-based desktop and simplify the computer hardware and software licenses needed to run their business. HawkSoft is aware of the value this brings and plans to continue offering a form of HawkSoft Online after the release of HawkSoft 6. We are confident that a hosted solution is still a key part of our product offering, but we are still determining what HawkSoft Online will look like after the full release of HawkSoft 6.

Each agency on HawkSoft Online today will be offered the option to move off of HawkSoft Online and onto HawkSoft 6 when it is made available to all customers. Most agencies using HawkSoft Online are doing so because it offers access to their HawkSoft data from any computer or mobile device. HawkSoft expects to transition most HawkSoft Online customers to HawkSoft 6.

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