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What is HawkSoft Online?

Since the right fit is crucial for a superior customer experience, HawkSoft gives you the option of hosting your own data locally or having it hosted for you in the cloud through HawkSoft Online. Either way, you will enjoy the same great features and the same easy-to-use workflows.

HawkSoft Online uses the latest technology to give you the performance and security of a locally installed application along with the convenience of cloud computing. And, since HawkSoft Online is cloud based not browser based, you avoid the security risks of the browser-based technologies other management systems use.

Specifically, HawkSoft Online offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility– HawkSoft Online frees you to work smarter anywhere, any time. You may access HawkSoft from any Internet-connected device. You’ll enjoy the same great experience on your PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Linux distros, and pretty much anything else.
  • A True Cloud App – HawkSoft Online is a true cloud application that installs locally to give you the advantages of the cloud and of local systems. You can print locally, drag and drop, scan, operate everything from one screen, and still have the flexibility of working where you want, when you want. And, since HawkSoft Online is cloud based not browser based, it will not be affected by different browser versions and their vulnerabilities.
  • Simplicity – Working online reduces or even eliminates the burden of internal network administration. The only system requirement is Internet access.
  • Reliability – HawkSoft Online includes multiple built-in redundancies and a proven performance record. All data is hosted in a Tier 4 Data Center. Few management systems offer that high level of security and redundancy.
  • Backups – Daily data backups are handled for you, and you are welcome to download your data at any time for no additional charge. Hawksoft Online retains 30 separate daily backups, allowing you to roll back to any time in the last 30 days.
  • Security – Your information is stored in a high-tech data facility and policed by state-of-the-art Internet and server-based security. Unlike a locally hosted system, with HawkSoft Online you could have computer equipment stolen from your office without compromising your data or any customer information.  Similarly, viruses on your local computers would also not affect your HawkSoft Online data.
  • Decreased Overhead Costs – HawkSoft Online eliminates the need for a network administrator, local network, hardware and software upgrades, and many other IT-related expenses.
  • Convenience – HawkSoft Online is maintained and upgraded for you.
  • Data on Demand – Unlike other providers, HawkSoft never holds your data hostage. Click a button to download a local copy any time you want at no charge.
  • Connecting Offices – Data is shared automatically between multiple offices and those working from home or on the road.
  • Scanning, Dragging and Dropping, Printing – HawkSoft Online integrates with scanners, printers, and your local desktop so smoothly that you won’t even realize you’re working in the cloud.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker – Hawksoft Online is the only cloud-based system in the industry to employ a full-time Certified Ethical Hacker. This is the world’s most rigorous ethical hacking course. It covers 19 topics that anyone should consider when beefing up their organization’s security. Knowing how the bad guys think allows us to protect your data better than anyone else in the industry.

Read this white paper for help in figuring out whether online hosting or local hosting is best for your agency. No matter what you decide, HawkSoft is here to help! Contact us today to learn more!