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What is HawkSoft Online?

HawkSoft gives you the option of hosting your own data locally on a server in your office or having your data hosted in the cloud through the HawkSoft Online service. Both options give you the same features and the same easy-to-use workflows.

HawkSoft Online uses the latest technology to give you the performance and security of a locally installed application along with the convenience of cloud computing.

HawkSoft Online offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility– Access HawkSoft from any Internet-connected device. You’ll enjoy the same great experience on your PC, Mac, iOS devices, and Android devices.
  • Simplicity – Working online reduces or even eliminates the burden of internal network administration or server expenses. Most Windows-based computers that can access the internet are sufficient to access data with HawkSoft Online. You can review our minimum system requirements here.
  • Security – Your information is stored in a secure data facility and policed by state-of-the-art Internet and server-based security. Unlike a locally hosted system in your office, with HawkSoft Online you could have computer equipment stolen from your office without compromising client information.
  • Decreased Overhead Costs – HawkSoft Online eliminates the need for a network administrator to manage an in-office server, local network setup, hardware and software upgrades, and other IT-related expenses.
  • Automatic Updates – HawkSoft Online automatically applies updates to the HawkSoft CMS software for you.
  • Data on Demand – Unlike other providers, HawkSoft never holds your data hostage. Click a button to download a local copy of your data at any time at no charge.
  • Connecting Offices – Data is shared automatically between multiple offices and staff that works from home.
  • Scan, Drag and Drop, and Print – HawkSoft Online integrates with scanners, printers, and your local desktop so smoothly that you won’t even realize you’re working in the cloud.

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