Features that deliver the most value for your investment

Agencies have better things to worry about than an a la carte menu of fees. Every HawkSoft agency gets the complete management system, not a lunch menu that nickel-and-dimes them for every feature. HawkSoft's complete Personal and Commercial Lines feature-set delivers the most value for your management system investment.

Unified Client File
Email Marketing
Sales & CRM Pipeline
Personal & Commercial Workflows
Carrier Downloads

Grow your agency

  • Email Marketing
    • Retain more
    • Upsell additional coverage
    • Cross-sell more policies
    • Market to prospects in your sales funnel
  • Rater Integration
  • Reports
  • Website Lead Capture
  • Sales Proposals


All the tools to grow your book of business. The ease-of-use of HawkSoft lets your staff quickly learn and apply the tools available to them.

Retain more business


Continue using the #1 accounting package for insurance agents. Your accountants stay happy because they don't have to abandon the tools they are most familiar with. Year-end tax preparation is quick, simple, and accurate. Manage everything from commission accounting to payroll.

Measure performance indicators

  • Reports
  • Commission Statement Importer
  • Accounting + QuickBooks Integration


Check your agency vitals with our pre-designed reports. You can also create custom reports at any time using our Report Generator.

Commission Importer saves hours of work and hundreds of dollars in bookkeeping expenses every month. Import Excel or CSV commission statements with fields automatically mapped to HawkSoft's accounting system.

Communication Tools

  • Batch email
  • Document management with drag-n-drop
  • Real Time integration with carrier websites
  • Carrier Downloads
  • Text Messaging
  • Letters
  • Built-in ACORD Form Library
  • Pre-fill ACORD Forms and Certificates of Insurance
  • Virtual Printer - PDF Writer